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PermiServ is a Web-to-Resident Permit Service for Councils and Local Authorities.

PermiServe Garden Waste Permits

  • Upload data and wait for your residents to receive their Garden Waste Permit(s).
  • Upload tens of thousands of addresses or just one-at-a-time.
  • Minimum dispatch = 1 permit!
  • Check exact dispatch date of any permit in real-time
  • Run analysis reports
  • Cancel and replace permits
  • Every permit is barcode scanned as it is dispatched to put you in control in real-time
  • Ultra durable lightfast permits!
  • New – Resident email notification on dispatch
  • API access – push and pull data directly to and from the database

Each client has a custom-built Web Portal to manage uploads and permit status updates so that you can see where your permits are in real-time! The Portal is optimised to work on all platforms
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