Permit Management System

Our new Permit Management System has been custom written to help councils track and manage permits.

You can send data to us including delivery address. We assign a unique number and barcode to the permit, print it and dispatch it to your resident.

When we dispatch the permits. We scan them so that you have a record of what has definitely been sent.


If a resident claims they have not received the permit, or it is lost or stolen, you can simply delete the old one and request a new permit.  The old unique number is then marked as no longer valid.

All of this is managed in a mobile-device optimised management system which is instantly searchable. So, you or your crew and search an address or a serial number (even a barcode) and see immediately whether the permit is valid.  If a resident enquires about the status of a particular permit, you will be able to tell them straight away via you login screen.

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If you ever need to export your data for use elsewhere, this is a simple process.



Screen shots from the web app:

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We have a trial version setup with random data.  If you’d like to have a look, enter your details below and we’ll come back to you immediately with some login details.

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